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About Securityium

Security-ium suffix is used to indicate the setting where a given activity is carried out – this elaborates the significance of our name as Securityium as we carry out all the necessary activities to validate the core IT security of your organization.

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Why Securityium ?


Securityium prioritizes manual testing to detect flaws that are missed by most automated scanners.


Test custom exploits without disrupting with the operations of your business.


Adherence to compliance(s) by using our custom-tailored testing methodology & reports.


Customizable home grown scripts for scans that deliver accurate results.


Refined control over scans for traffic threshold, work transparency, and fine tuned scanners .


Easy to implement recommendations that cater to client’s business IT environment and use cases.


Two in-depth reports, one geared toward technical audience and the other toward executive audience.


Certified industry experts: CRTO, CRTP, LPT, CRT, CPSA , CISSP ,OSCP, OSCE.

Why Choose Us ?

If you have an IT footprint or in house development team or use any third party software in your IT environment or process data or payments or you have one or many compliance to maintain you probably are suspectable to Cyber-attack or data breach. We can help you to identify and mitigate the existing or potential vulnerabilities and threats with our unique and tested approach.

We offer a unique and simple solution which can cover broad spectrum of compliance which is also a mandatory requirement in audits and help you to develop a healthy customized security program to protect your organization against emerging risks. We utilize combination various industry standards in ours methodology that facilitates definite steps in combating cyber-attacks. The methodologies that we inculcate in our application testing approach involves those beyond the reckoned OWASP and NIST techniques; which are essential part of major compliances globally.

We will provide a detailed report on all the existing loopholes and vulnerabilities based on the priority and severity of the potential damage. We provide two set of reports Technical Summary and Executive summary. They both have different purpose based on audience. This approach also gives you window to fix observed finding and boost your confidence on your security program.

We work closely and co-ordinate with your internal team to mitigate the findings and reassess them to ensure to adequate and effective controls are applied.

We have decade of experience in working on production environment; and our techniques of testing ensure no damage to your IT infrastructure. We have collected knowledge and experience which we incorporate in our methodologies to ensure tests without hampering your services.

We will be more than happy to answer your queries. Please leave us a line contact@securityium.com or send a query using our contact form.

Our Services

At Securityium, we believe that Security should be a seamless process. We’re here to ensure that your business is up-to-date and secure. Check out our services to know more.

Application Security Assessment

Security assessments against the latest web applications, Web APIs, Mobile applications and more.

Infrastructure Security Assessment

Security Assessments against your network infrastructure and network devices to discover security weaknesses.

Operational Security Assessment

Security assessments to strengthen the human interaction aspects of cybersecurity.

Our work speaks for itself

We have experience working with many different types of organizations and applications - from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Check out some CVEs, our team has discovered.