Jan 12, 2023
Bug hunting


Recently, a member of the Securityium team discovered a vulnerability in OnePlus' software in July 2022. OnePlus is a company that designs and manufactures smartphones and consumer electronics.

The team member reported the vulnerability to OnePlus' official bug bounty platform, the OnePlus Security Response Center (OneSRC). OneSRC is run by the security team at OnePlus and welcomes independent security researchers of all backgrounds and levels to join in their efforts to secure the OnePlus ecosystem.

OnePlus values the contributions of the security research community and has set up the OneSRC platform to encourage researchers to report any potential vulnerabilities they may discover. The company is committed to ensuring the security of its products and works closely with researchers to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities.

Overall, the discovery made by the Securityium team member is a testament to the importance of ongoing efforts to improve security and the valuable role that security researchers play in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. OnePlus encourages security researchers to participate in their bug bounty program and visit the OneSRC website for more information and to submit vulnerabilities they may find.

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