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At Securityium, Security is a seamless process. Our service framework includes Security Testing, IT Security Review & Assurance, and Enterprise Security. Security Assessment involves Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment to identify weaknesses and prevent cyber attacks. As a cybersecurity service provider, Securityium uses cybersecurity best practices to safeguard your business. Our Pentest Portal helps manage Security Testing very efficiently. IT Security Review & Assurance ensures compliance with cybersecurity standards and protects against cyber security threats. This service includes thorough assessments to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical data. Enterprise Security offers solutions to protect large organisations. It provides bulletproof cyber security measures to defend against new evolving threats. Securityium is trusted by businesses of all sizes to identify security gaps. By focusing on proactive security measures and continuous improvement, Securityium helps clients stay ahead of emerging threats. For comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, rely on Securityium to enhance your defenses and ensure your business's security.

Security testing

Penetration testing, often abbreviated as pentesting, is a crucial component of modern cybersecurity practices. It involves simulating real-world cyber attacks on a computer system, network, or application to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that malicious actors could exploit. By conducting pentests, organizations can proactively assess their security posture and take necessary measures to mitigate risks before they are exploited by attackers.

IT Security Review & Assurance

IT Security Review & Assurance involves the systematic examination and assessment of an organization's information technology infrastructure, policies, and procedures to ensure that they are effective in protecting against cyber threats and meeting regulatory requirements. It encompasses various processes and practices aimed at maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization's data and systems.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise security refers to the comprehensive strategy and measures implemented by organizations to safeguard their digital assets, data, systems, networks, and users from cyber threats. In the modern business landscape, where digital technologies are ubiquitous and cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated, ensuring robust enterprise security is paramount.

Bulletproof Your Security

Securityium offers bespoke solutions to protect businesses from cyber threats. The service framework also focuses on manual testing to identify vulnerabilities. With the ProSecurity - pentest portal, Securityium’s Customer gain easy access to expert insights and the customer centric services. The focus is on each customers unique needs, ensuring the best security for systems. Discover unparalleled security solutions with Securityium's comprehensive service suite. From personalized strategies to thorough manual testing. Explore how we can bulletproof your defenses effectively.


Manual Penetration Testing

Securityium prioritizes manual penetration testing over automated methods, providing a more thorough and refined analysis of potential cyber security gaps.

Security Aligned with Business Goals


Security initiatives are aligned with the client's business goals, ensuring that security testing and recommendations support overall business objectives.

Industry-Recognized Experts & Pentesters

Securityium’s team comprises of industry recognized and certified experts, which ensures seamless penetration testing and high-level trust.


Competitive & Cost-Effective Solutions

Securityium delivers high-value cybersecurity services at competitive prices, ensuring the clients receive the best ROI.


Product Security

Introducing 360° Product Security by Securityium, an in-depth service suite designed to ensure the security of your digital product throughout its entire lifecycle. From product ideation to deployment and beyond, this service suite integrates into the entire SDLC, including DevOps, to build a secure product. It starts with threat modeling, code review with best coding practices, and security testing. Additionally, cloud and infrastructure reviews are conducted to maintain strong security. Rely on the 360° Product Security service suite by Securityium for thorough protection at every stage of your product.


Pentest Portal

Discover ProSecurity - the Pentest Portal from Securityium. This platform helps you manage your penetration testing assessments effectively and conveniently. It simplifies vulnerability and report management by allowing you to schedule tests, track progress, and monitor vulnerabilities until they are fully resolved. With our Pentest Portal, you can stay informed throughout the entire security assessment process. The vulnerability management features ensure you catch issues in near real-time without waiting weeks for formal reports. Get real-time updates to be proactive in your security testing efforts. Use our PTaaS Portal to manage your IT security with ease.

Proven Experience

Securityium's work speaks for itself. The Pentester team has experience with many types of organisations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Each project involves careful vulnerability assessment and thorough penetration testing. The goal is to find and fix weaknesses before they can be exploited in a cyber attack. Securityium also focuses on the OWASP Top 10 risks to ensure the best protection. Check out some of the CVEs discovered by Securityium’s team. Trust Securityium to keep systems secure and safe from threats.



Netgear NETGEAR is a company that designs and manufactures networking products for consumers, businesses, and service providers


Synology a company known for their network-attached storage solutions with a Security Bug Bounty Program<


Intellect Design Arena is a company that provides large enterprise-grade composable & contextual solutions



ConnectWise Manage , a popular business management software used by many IT companies and MSPs,


OnePlus is a company that designs and manufactures smartphones and consumer electronics.


Arlo , a company known for their complete protection solutions, has a cash rewards program that encourages and rewards contributions from developers

Services for All Industries

Securityium offers services for all industries. Each sector has unique needs when it comes to IT security and cyber security. Our pentester team provides personalised vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to identify risks. Clients can access the pentest portal for easy management of security tests. We focus on improving product security to protect sensitive data. Discover how Securityium can support your industry with effective solutions. Explore our recommendations to strengthen your security today.

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Why Securityium

  • Manual Testing

    Securityium prioritizes manual testing to detect flaws that are missed by most automated scanners

  • Custom  Exploits

    Test custom exploits without disrupting with the operations of your business.

  • Custom-Tailored Testing

    Adherence to compliance(s) by using our custom-tailored testing methodology & reports.

  • Home Grown Scripts

    Customizable home grown scripts for scans that deliver accurate results.

  • Fine Tuned Scanners

    Refined control over scans for traffic threshold, work transparency, and fine tuned scanners .

  • Actionable Recommendations

    Easy to implement recommendations that cater to client’s business IT environment and use cases.

  • Two in-depth Reports

    Two in-depth reports, one geared toward technical audience and the other toward executive audience.

  • Industry Certified

    Certified industry experts: CRTO, CRTP, LPT, CRT, CPSA , CISSP ,OSCP, OSCE.


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