Pentest Portal

Pentest Portal

In the fast-paced world of IT Security, companies often grapple with a recurring problem: the management and retention of findings from penetration tests. Each time a new security vendor steps in, they bring their unique reporting style and priorities, inadvertently burying past vulnerabilities and findings in a sea of emails or scattered PDF documents. This disorganization becomes even more pronounced when in-house teams, carrying crucial knowledge and progress insights, move on, leaving a gaping void in the company's security framework.


Challenges in Security Testing

The result? A high dependency on external pentesters or consultants, and a repetitive cycle where companies invest considerable time acquainting new vendors with their unique environment, specific false positives, and considerations. This challenge spans across businesses of all sizes, each striving to devise a method to efficiently manage, recover, and safeguard the time and effort invested in their security assessments.


Enter the solution

Enter the solution: a revolutionary platform designed to transform the way companies approach IT Security assessments. This platform stands out for its simplicity, scalability, and versatility, offering Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS). It revolutionizes real-time reporting by maintaining a dynamic history of vulnerabilities, tracking their status from the moment they are identified until they are fully resolved. Beyond just tracking, this innovative platform serves as a vital tool for meeting various compliance requirements, providing comprehensive reports that cater to diverse needs. In essence, it offers a unified, efficient approach to managing security assessments, ensuring that no finding is ever lost and that companies can seamlessly build on past insights to fortify their defenses.

Pentest Portal - USP


Real-time Updates

Stay informed with the latest security developments as they happen.


Complete Transparency

Enjoy full visibility into all security processes and findings.


Track Security Issues and Remediation

Easily monitor and manage security issues and their resolutions.


Multi-Location Management

Oversee security for multiple locations or organizations from a single platform.


Weekly Project Status Reports

Receive regular updates on your security project progress.


Secure Report Sharing

Safely share reports through the portal.


Sensitive Information Sharing

Two in-depth reports, one geared toward technical audience and the other toward executive audience.


Transparent Bug Tracking

Engage in open discussions about remediation on the portal.


Assessment Report Expiry Reminders

Get notified when assessment reports are about to expire.

Additional Features

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    Automated Scan Results Parsing

    Integrate results from Nessus, Burp, Nmap, and more.

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    Reduced Email Follow-ups

    Streamline vulnerability tracking without endless email chains.

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    Accurate Risk Scoring

    Obtain precise risk scores using CVSS.

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    Progress Tracking

    Save all progress to stay on track and organized.


Upcoming Features

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    Weekly and Monthly Pentester Progress Reports

    Regularly receive detailed progress updates.

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    Quarterly Project Reports

    Get comprehensive reports every quarter.

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    Automated Customer Feedback

    Collect project feedback automatically from customers.


Centralized Dashboard

Stay in control with our intuitive dashboard, offering a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities, project progress, and recent reports—all centralized for your convenience. Enjoy real-time updates and actionable insights at a glance.

Flexible Scheduling

Easily schedule assessments with our streamlined process. Select your organization, complete a brief questionnaire, and let our team handle the rest. Experience hassle-free scheduling designed to fit your needs.

Effortless Project Management

Monitor and manage your projects with ease. Track tasks, view detailed progress, and engage with our experts—all within a single, user-friendly platform. Our tools ensure you stay on top of every detail.

Accessible Vulnerability Management

Efficiently manage and remediate vulnerabilities with detailed information, reproduction steps, and impact descriptions. Confirm remediation actions to facilitate timely retesting and resolution.

Instant and Shareable Reports

Instantly access and share executive and technical summary reports. Keep all your essential documentation in one place, ready for download whenever you need it, ensuring seamless communication and record-keeping.

Secure Credential Sharing

Safeguard your sensitive information with our secure credential sharing feature. Collaborate confidently, knowing your data is protected throughout the process.