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Welcome to Our Partner Programs

At Securityium, we understand the power of collaboration and the value it brings to both our partners and their clients. Our suite of partner programs is designed to cater to a wide range of needs, providing support, resources, and financial incentives to help our partners expand their offerings and achieve their business objectives.


Power Partners Program (Reseller)

Our Power Partners Program is specifically tailored for resellers looking to enrich their portfolio with top-tier security
solutions. As a Power Partner, you will enjoy a host of benefits


Co-Branding Opportunities

Enhance your market presence by leveraging our brand alongside yours, demonstrating a strong partnership committed to achieving client security goals.


Transparent Pricing

We maintain complete transparency in our pricing structure, ensuring you and your clients know exactly what to expect. From requirement gathering to the delivery of final products, we keep the process straightforward and predictable.


Ideal for Managed Service Providers

This program is particularly suited for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and other managed service providers seeking to fortify their security offerings without the complexities of in-house development.

White Glove Partners Program (Resource Augmentation)

Our White Glove Partners Program offers a unique resource augmentation solution that allows you to scale your
technical capabilities as needed, without the overhead of full-time hires


Seamless Brand Integration

Our skilled professionals work under your brand, seamlessly integrating with your team to provide expert technical support.

Flexible Pricing Model


With a per-day pricing strategy, you gain the flexibility to manage costs effectively, aligning with project timelines and budgets.

Client Engagement

While we focus on delivering unparalleled technical expertise, the responsibility of client engagement, from gathering project details to managing communications and challenges, rests with you. This clear division of roles ensures a smooth project execution path.


Short-Term Technical Resource Solution

This program is an excellent fit for organizations requiring short-term technical expertise to deliver projects efficiently, without the long-term commitment of hiring.


Referral Rewards Program

Our Referral Rewards Program is designed to provide a straightforward and rewarding way to benefit from referring new
clients to us


Earn from Referrals

For every successful referral leading to a deal, you'll receive a reward of fixed percentage of the deal's value*(once the payment is processed & with applicable tax).


Broad Appeal

This program is ideal not only for companies within the development sector but also for those outside the cybersecurity domain, looking to leverage their network for additional revenue streams.


Securityium is committed to fostering strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. Whether you’re looking to expand your service offering, augment your resource pool, or earn through referrals, our partner programs are designed to support your growth and success. Join us in delivering excellence and innovation to the cybersecurity landscape.

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